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Vaccine Passports

Aloha to all who would claim responsibility for holding the public trust,

Historically, international passports were required only of citizens of belligerent nations during times of war. Passport requirements for internal travel carry an even darker historical association best illustrated in modern times by the well-known phrase "Papers please."

Remember well that the definition of fascism is the combination of corporate and government powers. The notion of infringing on the freedoms of a class of citizens because they choose to avoid the risks of experimental genetic modification is medical apartheid on its face, and is directly genocidal in its effect.

The Nuremberg Code is intended to prevent further medical genocide by preventing the forced application of medical treatments and experimentation without informed consent. Unprecedented censorship of scientific and medical opinion and debate is being used in an attempt to manufacture the 'color' of consent. At the same time, in this coordinated information warfare scenario, a manufactured 'pandemic', an endlessly proclaimed 'state of emergency' and pro forma 'approval' of a 'vaccine' that is not on the market here is being used to justify the use of threat, duress, and coercion in the mass injection of the chemical warfare agent graphene oxide without the knowledge or consent of the people.

Those injected are also genetically modified to produce and shed spike proteins, a biological warfare agent. I can understand and accept that under the current circumstances you who are reading this may hold a different assessment and opinion of the current situation. Do you also accept that God has given each individual unique powers of understanding and discernment, the forced violation of which is a direct affront to our creator?

Just so you may better inform your judgment of my opinions of law, conclusions of fact, and distillations of science, I will inform you that I am a high honors science graduate of an Ivy League institution of higher learning, and a Doctor by training.

Questions that will ultimately need to be answered:

Who benefits in terms of money, power, and control from a permanent 'state of emergency' and forced mass 'vaccination'?

Why has no vaccine been compared to a simple saline placebo?

Why were major diseases like Polio going away before vaccinations were initiated?

Why were the first cases of autism reported among the children of the affluent who could afford vaccinations when they were first available?

Why has chronic illness increased as vaccinations have increased?

What were the death rates in the multiple species of animals studied in previous mRNA gene therapy trials?

Why were animal trials skipped this time?

Why was the control group abandoned before the end of the trials?

Why was 'approval' of a 'vaccine' that is not on the market announced before the end of the normal trial period?

Are portions of the 'novel' virus patented, and if so, by whom and when? Has the 'novel' virus been isolated?

Has the 'novel' virus met Koch's criteria for an infectious agent?

What research showed that 5G triggers the release of COVID-like exosomes from human epithelial tissue, and why was that research removed from publication on a federal website as soon as it was noticed by the public?

Why is there a chip labeled COVID in 5G installations?

Why are there no safety studies of 5G radiation on humans?

Why are hospitals being paid for COVID designations on death certificates?

Why did the death rate spike when government intervened, rather than increasing exponentially with the pattern of a spreading epidemic?

Why did infant mortality decrease by 1/3 at the same time, when the offices of most pediatricians who provide infant vaccinations were closed?

Why are medical treatments shown to be effective in published, peer-reviewed controlled trials being suppressed?

Why is there no emphasis on or widespread testing of natural immunity which is highly effective, and destroyed by 'vaccinations'?

Why are deaths within 2 weeks of 'vaccination' counted as 'unvaccinated'?

Why are the major oil companies planning to replace all of their vaccinated personnel within the next 2-3 years?

How could a type of medical treatment documented to cause more deaths than all other vaccinations in the past 2 decades, and more deaths than in Pearl Harbor, 9/11, or Hiroshima and Nagasaki be promoted and labeled as safe?

What will be the historical view of this war against humanity and those who choose to prosecute it?

The answers to these and so many other questions will cry out to the Heavens for Justice.

Heavenly Justice just is. It can never be avoided. Think twice. Act once... and be certain it is the right choice.

In the Name of Christ our King,

Dr. Glen Swartwout

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