What is time?




The present is a point in time.

But, what's the point of time?

Is it the universally coherent wave of sentient synchronicity?

Like all good presents, it calls us to the unwrapping and opening in order to fully appreciate the gift...

The past appears to us as a line... A sequence of points defined and constrained...

And the future? Is it not a plain of possibilities and potentials laid out before us, yet to explore and define our path of time through it?

Timeless Retreat

Time: Now

Venue: Here

Open to: Sentient Beings Only

Cost: Pay Attention to Intention

Description: Come go stay...

  • Forget trying to remember the past... Effort is counterproductive. Resistance is futile. Accept that your full self never forgets...
  • Be here right now, whenever you choose.
  • The future is not what it used to be... But you are becoming much more like your future self than you were when you got here...

Quality Time

Time: By Appointment Only

Venue: Your Choice: Reality or Fiction

Open to: Invitation Only

Cost: Priceless

Description: Low quality time is cheap... You can buy it anywhere for minimum wage... But imagine purchasing quality time in bulk, from a reliable supplier... "One Decade of Quality Time" would be quite the rare gem of an item. That's 520 weeks of quality time... Gem quality. How would you spend yours?

  • Networking with amazing people?
  • Learning how everything really works?
  • Helping others?