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Shields Up for Immune Defense

Our new Shields Up cold and flu formula designed specifically for today’s immune challenges has been helping protect the immune system, and I want to share with you some other important immunity shields you need to know about right now…

In 1985, I learned that one out of three patients fail to heal until electromagnetic stress factors are eliminated.

That’s when I started writing my first book, Electromagnetic Pollution Solutions…

The changes in our EMF environment are now happening faster than ever.

The earth’s magnetic field destabilized following the Carrington Event that set telegraph wires on fire in 1859, and is now dropping precipitously leading up to a cosmic event that repeats every 6,000 years…

Meanwhile, the 5G satellite network is being rapidly deployed around the globe.

We are working on our systems to help protect you in these challenging times.

When it was noted that a study found that 5G caused COVID-like particles to be produced by human epithelial tissue, the government responded by taking the study off its website.

I just formulated Spike Shield to protect ‘vaccinated’ clients from the toxic spike proteins, and to protect those exposed to the shedding of the proteins from those who got injected.

We’ve already seen serious reactions among our unvaccinated clients to shedding from vaxxed partners and close friends, including miscarriage, Bell’s palsy, and severe endocrine disorders.

The severity of the problem is illustrated by the latest data showing 82% of pregnant women in their first two trimesters experience spontaneous abortion after getting jabbed.


Even though word of Spike Shield only got out via a couple of local clients, it’s the first time we’ve ever run out of inventory a few days after production…

In order to help us plan the fulfillment of Spike Shield, it will be helpful to let us know how many bottles you will want monthly for you and your loved ones.

The suggested dosage is one a day for prevention of reactions to shedding, and two or three a day when reactions are observed, or for those who have already received any of the experimental treatments.

Please be sure to get any orders in ASAP as remedy prices will likely have to go up soon with the current inflation and supply chain issues...

We’ve also identified a new NASA technology that cleans both the air and surfaces.

We are feeling the benefits in the clinic, and I can talk to you more about the details and make a recommendation for your specific issues when you reply to this email and let me know your needs…


We have also identified a scalar field technology from New Zealand that is very helpful for communicating the continuously changing frequency patterns of nature back into our homes and offices…

It is called Blushield.

We don’t sell them, but we have arranged for a permanent 10% discount on Blushield products.

To get the discount, visit Blushield with our link:


When you check out, be sure to also use our Coupon Code: heal

I’m including this information right now to let you know that this weekend, Blushield is offering an extra 15% off.

Starting Friday, July 2nd you get 15% off storewide on any in-stock EMF protection devices on top of your regular 10% discount with our link and code.

Just use our coupon code “heal” to access your total savings of 25%.

The sale starts at 12:01 AM PST Friday morning and ends at 11:59 PM PST Monday evening.

If you are in an urban area, or where you are exposed to multiple WiFi signals, I recommend the Cube at a minimum.

For more energetically serene rural locations, the Plugin is a good choice.

For other EMF protection gear, we are expanding to carry a full line of EMF shielding clothing, earthing products, and more…

Stay tuned for that, or let me know your needs...

Feel free to write if you are looking for health solutions or advice.

In wellness,

Dr. Glen

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